Holographic Fabric

The formal starting point of this project was observing the unsteadiness that occurs in lenticular stereoscopic pictures. This effect is generally known in the form of trashy ‘flip effect’ cards found in cereal boxes or as postcards, where when looked at from different angles the viewer is able to see one of two possible images. Through the medium of textiles HOLOGRAPHIC FABRIC explores the concept of two simultaneous pictures in one form by combining the traditional craft of pleating with modern printing technology.

Traditional pleating provides the most logical and elegant method of creating a twofold textile interface that reproduces the basic principle of a lenticular system. On each side of the pleat a sequential part of two different images is printed. This arrangement of pictures achieves the ‘parallel existence’ of two images in one textile. Once set in motion, the optical illusion of change and ambiguity appears. Just as in Kinetic Art or Op-Art (Optical Art), movement becomes an integral component of the aesthetic effect.

The patterns and colors chosen for the pleats enhance the optical illusion. The images placed on each side of the pleat are kept abstract and are articulated through the use of complementary colors and gradients. The two interlaced images printed onto one textile have certain colors in common. Through movement - the viewer’s and the wearer’s - a new ‘flowing’ state appears, almost like a very short movie, thus creating a third surface. The use of color gradients and the partially overlapping spectrum of colors on both sides create this ‘flow’ effect by functioning as a third frame and so providing a smooth transition from one image to the other.

HOLOGRAPHIC FABRIC creates an ambiguous, mutable surface, by combining the handcraft of pleating with the technology of digital textile printing to embody the contemporary state of indecision.

Diploma Textile-and Surface Design 2012 / 2013
Fabric / Sculptural Garments / Art Direction: Selina Reiterer
Sewing Patterns: in collaboration with Lisa Haag and Sabrina Bosshard
Model: Gaia Choi
Photography: Clement Paillardon
Graphic Design: Anna Teuber and Enno Poetschke

© 2013 Selina Reiterer