Colour without Colour

Light is nothing more than electromagnetic waves. Everything that we observe in nature as colour is the apparently perceivable part for the human eye. White sunlight consists of a wide spectrum of electromagnetic waves, which vary in length. These can be separated by dispersion (prism) or interference.
Exactly this occurs in case of an oil or petrol film on a water surface as may be occasionally seen in public due to contamination. Hydrocarbons such as oil or petrol display a lower density than water therefore they form a thin film on the surface of water. The interference of several reflected rays within the oil-bearing formation leads to a dissociation of spectrum colours. With the movement of oil and water, the form and thickness of the layer constantly changes, creating an iridescent play of colour.
COLOUR WITHOUT COLOUR applies a method that preserves this special spectrum of colours from its naturally liquid aggregate state onto a hard coded material. By using substances such as oil or petrol, a normally pollutive situation may be transformed.
Modified card neither features the smell of petrol nor other signs of contamination. A permanent optical illusion is created within the new material.
The design plays with the aesthetic experience that may be found in detailed examination of dirt or pollution. The concept presents a paradox of visual beauty and the destruction of nature, which may be described as inherently beautiful.

© 2009 Selina Reiterer